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Trapezoidal screw drives

NEFF trapezoidal screws are manufactured from special semi-finished goods with high demands on straightness. The series conforms to DIN 103 and offers an extensive range of nuts made from various materials – all ready for installation. The very low backlash in the nuts allows radial forces to be absorbed.

Trapezoidal screw drives.

  • Precision-rolled trapezoidal screws RPTS, Ø 10 – 80 mm. In versions with single or multi-start threads.
  • Planetary-milled trapezoidal screws WPTS, Ø 16 -120 mm (the trapezoidal screws can also be supplied in coated and rustproof versions).

Trapezoidal nuts.

  • KSM, steel nut, round, Ø 10 – 80 mm.
  • SKM, steel nut, hexagonal, Ø 10 – 80 mm.
  • LRM, red bronze nut, Ø 10 – 80 mm.
  • EFM, red bronze, ready to install, Ø 12 – 80 mm.
  • LKM, plastic nut, round, Ø 12 – 50 mm.

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