Why is equipment maintenance so essential?

To prevent downtime

Indeed, maintenance comes at a price. But without regular maintenance, the costs will be multiplied by 10 or even 100, because you risk your equipment being at a standstill for weeks or months. How can you avoid expensive downtime?

Make sure your equipment is regularly inspected and maintained by TAS Services. Rely on decades of expertise from TAS, our suppliers, and our specialised partners.

To save valuable energy

Energy-efficient production: more crucial than ever, to reduce energy bills as well as achieving the European climate objectives together.

If you use cooling towers and heat exchangers to support you in your goals, it is important that this equipment continues to perform as efficiently as possible. As such, regular inspections and maintenance are key. You can count on TAS Services.

Why should you choose TAS Services?

Technical know-how

We are perfectly knowledgeable about what performance the equipment needs to deliver in your context, maybe in tandem, and how we can keep it in top technical shape to achieve this. All thanks to our decades of experience as well as our excellent relationships with suppliers.

Very fast replacement parts

We can get hold of replacement parts very quickly, from lots of manufacturers. What’s more, some parts are only available through us - brands like SPX Cooling Technologies and Funke, for example, with our sister company TAS being the exclusive distributor.

Regardless of brand

We know both the products from the brands sold by TAS and the assortment from other manufacturers like the back of our hands. In fact, the parts are often quite similar, with the same standard sizes. Just like every car is made from the same basic parts.

Response speed

When you contact us, it often means there’s a sense of urgency. So we respond extremely quickly. Often even immediately. We might give you a specific answer, or at least the reassurance that we will work on your questions without delay. So that you can get going ASAP.

Join the group of many happy customers

A whole bunch of happy customers have preceded you, whose equipment we maintained even if we were not the original supplier. Why are they happy? Because of all the advantages explained here, the personal and personalised support and the perfect maintenance work we do.

Contact us today, we respond almost immediately.